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Home thoughts from abroad

For the captive nations of eastern Europe, the diasporas in the free world were a beacon of hope. But, as I noted in this piece from November 2005, emigration can flow both ways.

Poland’s persistently disappointing politicians

Making mistakes is part and parcel of journalism. The important thing is to admit them, as I argued in this piece in November 2005, when I was berating myself for being too optimistic about Polish politics.

The ever-handy cold war toolbox

I first ventured behind the Iron Curtain in 1983. Despite all the changes, some of the skills I learned in the old cold war are still useful in the new one, as I wrote in this piece in October 2005.

History and the historians

Historical controversies bubble all over the former captive nations. But, as I argued in this piece from October 2005, only in Russia does the state bring such weight to bear behind one version of history.

Misreading Belarus

Belarus was a human-rights black hole when I wrote this piece in October 2005. Not much has changed. And outsiders are still getting the country wrong, too.

Fog over the crash site

The Baltic states, and Western military presence there, are a big target of Russian intelligence activity. In this piece, in October 2005, I berated Lithuania for muddled messages about the crash of a Russian warplane a month earlier.

Gulag in Putinland

Anne Applebaum is one of my oldest and closest friends. So I am always glad to take up the cudgels on her behalf, as I did in this column in September 2005.

Baltic advice about advice

Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians have been right about the New Cold War since the beginning. So I get cross if outsiders start patronising them, as I made clear in this column, from September 2005.

Transdniestria’s unpleasant anniversary

Problems with Russia, information-warfare and anti-Westernism long predate the New Cold War. In this column, in September 2005, I looked at the splenetic, if contradictory propaganda of the Kremlin-backed separatist enclave of Transdniestria.

What did communism look like, daddy?

As the years go by, memories of communism fade. And finding pictures to explain what it was really like can be surprisingly difficult – as I explain in this column, from September 2005.

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