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An A-Z guide to European gas wars

Energy security sounds boring, but it could hardly be more important. On 26 January 2006, before the European Union had got to grips with Grazprom, I wrote this A to Z guide to the gas wars.

The Lion, the Witch and the Berlin Wall

For a change of tone in this column, written in January 2006, I looked at classic children’s and fantasy fiction, and what it could tell us about geopolitics and philosophy.

Putin’s gas and western lambs

This column, written at the start of 2006, could be said to mark the start of my new cold war coverage. I berated Western weakness and highlighted the growing threat from Russia.

Four cheers for the brain drain

Prejudice and scaremongering about the former captive nations is a persistent theme of these columns. In this rather splenetic piece, written in December 2005, I looked at the hypocrisy surrounding the issue of emigration.

Popping the bubble in Estonia

In this piece, published in December 2005, I reflect on the pomposity of Western politicians, and the delights of Estonia’s outward-looking and non-hierarchical culture.

Poland’s bravery and Putin’s poodles

Western hypocrisy and timidity towards the new member states of the European Union and NATO helped fuel the new cold war. In this article, written in November 2005, I take up the cudgels on behalf of Poland.

Lithuania loved and lost

When I arrived in Lithuania in January 1990 it was still occupied by the Soviet Union. When I left in 1994, it was already transformed – at least on the surface. In this piece, from November 2005, I reflected, perhaps rather impatiently, on what had yet to change.

Compare, contrast, catch up

Expectations of the ex-communist world are high, but the same criteria were too seldom applied to the countries of what we used to call “old Europe”, as I argued in this piece, written in November 2005.

Home thoughts from abroad

For the captive nations of eastern Europe, the diasporas in the free world were a beacon of hope. But, as I noted in this piece from November 2005, emigration can flow both ways.

Poland’s persistently disappointing politicians

Making mistakes is part and parcel of journalism. The important thing is to admit them, as I argued in this piece in November 2005, when I was berating myself for being too optimistic about Polish politics.

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