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Where did Transdniestria’s missing missiles go?

Transdniestria is a self-proclaimed Russian-backed puppet state on Moldovan territory. It’s home to a huge cold-war-era arms dump—and as I found out on trip there in 2005, some of the weapons, MANPADS in military parlance, have gone missing.

The unbearable brilliance of post-Soviet songs

Why should the devil have all the best tunes? Written in 2005, this piece takes a look at parody, history and symbolism of political songs.

Mari—the language the Russians want to kill

The Mari are a hard-pressed ethnic minority within Russia—ethnic cousins of the Estonians and Finns. They were having a tough time in 2005—and it’s worse now.

Estonia, Russia and the war on truth

Propaganda is now the central front of the New Cold War. But Estonians were on to the role of the Kremlin’s media machine much earlier than most countries – as this column, written in June 2005, shows.

Hypocrisy and the ghost of British betrayal

It’s easy to be smug about the Russian denial of history. But the West has guilty secrets too, such as the repatriation of thousands of anti-communist Russians and others after the second world war.

Belarus propaganda

Russian propaganda—or so it seemed in 2005—is a shadow of its former self. But in Belarus the state television maintains Soviet levels of venom and mendacity. How should we respond?

Tinsel, showbiz and geopolitics

The first New Cold War podcast from 2005 asks what the Eurovision song contest tells us about the Macedonian question.

Time to get serious about European security

The most important discussions in European security are happening behind the scenes. It’s time for politicians to be honest with the public about the real threat we face—and the steps we will have to take in dealing with it.

Arcane and irrelevant: nukes in Europe

The INF treaty is the last plank of the 1980s-era east-west accord. We should save it, not imperil it. That’s not appeasement, but we should concentrate on deterring Russia, not provoking her. (piece originally published in the London Times)