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“Putin [and] his friends … are gangsters on a scale that makes Al Capone or the Corleones seem ­small-time. By forging a partnership between the Kremlin, Russia’s intelligence ser­vices and organised crime, they have institutionalised theft and fraud as their country’s principal economic activities. Lucas is right to castigate our folly in treating all this so lightly.”

— Max Hastings in The Sunday Times

“This important book is a sequel to the author’s last indictment of the Putin regime, ‘The New Cold War’, which came out four years ago. ‘Deception’ is, if anything, even more devastating.”

— Daniel Johnson in Standpoint

“urgent and heartfelt”

— Ian Finlayson, The Times

“‘Deception’ … demonstrates Lucas’s familiarity with the subject.”

— Anna Aslanyan in Russia Profile

“well-researched, engaging, and eerie”

— Publishers’ Weekly

“Entertaining and informative,… In the fascinating chapters about the voluptuous Anna Chapman, who was expelled from the US two years ago together with nine other exposed Russian spies, we learn much that is new, especially about her life in London. Lucas contrasts our complacency and delusion with Russia’s ruthless ingenuity.”

— Angus Roxburgh in the Mail on Sunday