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Slovakia Hungary

Giving passports to these Hungarians, who now number around 2m, appeases the radical right in Hungary and also signals to other countries that the Magyar minorities have a protector. That does not matter much in places such as Serbia, Slovenia or Austria, where Magyars live happily alongside their fellow-citizens. But it is potentially explosive in Slovakia…

Czechoslovakia and historical vinegar

Czechoslovakia A chequered history Nov 19th 2009From The Economist print edition Czechoslovakia was born out of trickery and died in failure. Only up to a point Czechoslovakia: The State That Failed. By Mary Heimann. Yale University Press; 406 pages; $45 and £25. Buy from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk OUTSIDERS tend to have a soft spot for Czechoslovakia. …

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Europe.view Linguistic discontentsOct 29th 2009 From Economist.com Slovaks, Hungarians and missing data THE row is over but the problems remain. Amid an outcry from neighbouring Hungary, and discreet pressure from other outsiders, Slovakia’s government has backed away, for the moment, from implementing its badly drafted and intrusive-sounding new language law. Despite the backdown, hopes that …

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Slovakia: a scandal

Slovakia and the euro Always the same winnersJun 26th 2008 | BRATISLAVAFrom The Economist print edition Few care about crony capitalism when business booms and the euro is coming ONLY two things in Slovakia matter to outsiders, cynics argue. One is that the country joins the euro smoothly next January—becoming the first country from the …

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