Edward Lucas gets Labour to backdown on its Covent Garden crackdown

Covent Garden's street performers have been bringing laughter and joy to this unique part of Westminster for centuries. They have their own self-regulated code, which has worked well for years. However, last year the killjoy Labour-run Westminster council tried to launch an unnecessary crackdown, attempting to impose its own draconian busking rules on the Piazza's street acts. Here's the story of how Edward Lucas took up their cause, fought the council and won.

As your MP, Edward will bring a new integrity to Parliament

A New Integrity


Our public life is plagued by sleaze and scandal. As a journalist, author and campaigner, Edward Lucas has spent his career exposing wrongdoing and holding the powerful to account. He’s not a professional politician — he gave up his job to work full-time on stopping the tide of dirty money that taints our decision-making.

“I don’t want this country to be run by the dodgy rich, for the dodgy rich,” he says.

As your MP, Edward will bring a new integrity to Parliament

A New Energy

Clean energy not only supports the safety of our climate, but the air we breathe in our cities and the health of our children.

Green energy will help us save the planet from climate change. It safeguards our health and clean up the air we breathe. We need to speed up the changes, with more electric vehicles, more help on heat pumps and insulation for our homes, and a greener city.

Edward Lucas was the energy editor of The Economist, Britain’s top newsweekly. He knows the challenges we face, and the solutions that are at hand if we have the willpower to grasp them.He’s fighting to get Westminster Council to take the climate emergency seriously — for example by easing the nit-picking rules that stop us installing modern, energy-efficient windows.

“Our children won’t thank us for preserving conservation area aesthetics if we’ve cooked the planet,” he says.

Edward will bring a new energy to our green transformation

A New Security

We are only as safe as the streets we walk down and the protection we have at our borders and beyond.

From police incompetence at home and government complacency abroad, our security is in danger. Edward Lucas has decades of experience in exposing threats and in defending our values and our freedom. He’s an international security expert, author and adviser to governments and lawmakers. He’s repeatedly been prescient and effective, on cyber-scams and the threat from Putin’s Russia.

Whether he’s highlighting failures in defence and intelligence, or the woeful inefficiency of our cash-strapped, ill-run criminal justice system, Edward’s on your side.

Edward will bring a new security to our communities and our country.

A New Voice

Too many voices go unheard in a system where money talks and cronies do deals behind the scenes. Edward Lucas stands up to the rich and powerful on your behalf, with a record of success. He’s won victories for tenants against abusive landlords, pushed back for consumer rights against greedy companies, and forced the government to come clean on its secret blacklists, which penalised experts for their private opinions.

As an MP, Edward will take your concerns to Parliament — and get results

Edward will bring a new voice to the corridors of power, for people who all too often go unheard.