Furious? Ashamed? Me too!

I’m sure you are as angry as I am about the shambolic, disgraceful behaviour of Boris Johnson’s Conservatives. I’ve spent my life fighting for democracy in eastern Europe. I never thought it would be in danger here in Britain.

But we’ve seen this time and again in recent months: one rule for Boris Johnson and his friends. And another for the rest of us.

You and I — and any decent, normal person — would be ashamed to behave like this.

  • Taking huge sums for backstairs lobbying.
  • Weaselly excuses when you get caught.  
  • Letting pals off the hook for bending the rules. 

And if we did, we’d be fired.  

Yesterday Conservative MPs voted to scrap the House of Commons standards process, to spare their guilty colleague Owen Patterson even a 30-day suspension.

An all-party committee, including independent lay members, issued that punishment. The Tories wouldn’t accept it. 

True: public outrage has shamed them into a “full-fat climbdown” — for now. But the lesson is clear: 

Dirty money is choking our democracy —  for our country’s sake we need to get Boris Johnson out of Downing Street!. 

It’s only by winning in seats like this — the Cities of London and Westminster —  that we can do that.

I’m already working full time on the campaign. But I need your help.

A handful of brave Tories voted against the party line yesterday. But our MP Nickie Aiken was not one of them. A week ago she couldn’t even vote to stop water companies pumping sewage into our rivers and lakes. 

We deserve so much better.

Please help stop the rot and volunteer today.

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