Brexit’s been a disaster. "I’m fighting to undo the damage it's done” says Edward Lucas.

Only the Lib Dems have a clear plan to rebuild our relations with the European Union. Labour sits on the fence, while the Conservatives are locked into their fruitless, ideological approach to Europe.


Edward has spent his whole working life dealing with European security, economics and politics. He speaks six European languages fluently.

“We must urgently rejoin the single market,” he says.

“Even ardent Brexiters never campaigned for that. Curbing trade and investment with our biggest neighbour was bound to be a catastrophe — and so it has proved”


Edward Lucas is the only candidate in the Cities of London and Westminster campaigning on a clear pro-European agenda.


"Restoring ties with the EU will safeguard our prosperity and security,” he says. “Nobody voted for the chaos and acrimony that the Conservatives have brought us.”

Edward Lucas


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