Helen Baxter - PPC for Queen’s Park and Maida Vale

Helen has lived in London all her life. She began campaigning for the Liberal Democrats following the EU Referendum and can see the damage that Brexit has done to our country and our economy. Having been an Erasmus student in Germany, Helen understands the importance of our cultural and scientific ties to our neighbours.

She is a Chartered Accountant and previously worked as an international aid auditor with clients including the European Commission. Her work ensured that funds were used and managed responsibly and helped build trust and transparency in the sector. She currently works for a charity providing grants to young entrepreneurs in developing countries and prioritises interventions at the grassroots level as local communities know best what they need.

As a millennial, Helen is concerned about young people being priced out of this part of London and the lack of affordable and good quality housing for local key workers. Housing reform and generational justice will be key campaigns.

Helen has what it takes to stand up for you. She has been a mayoral candidate in Hackney where she fought to save childcare centres and a women’s domestic abuse charity from closure.

Helen Baxter is delighted to have been selected as the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Queen’s Park and Maida Vale. She said ‘I can see just how much the cost-of-living crisis is impacting everyone. I am determined to support local residents by being an effective and forceful local champion’.