Around 6am this morning we celebrated the best-ever result for Lib Dems in a local election in Westminster. 

Our candidates Alistair Barr, Elizabeth Botsford and Freddie Poser turned the Conservatives' rock-solid Marylebone ward into a marginal. We were just a couple of hundred votes behind. And if Labour hadn't polled so strongly in third place, we'd have won. 

We did this from a standing start in barely six months, thanks to thousands of hours of doorknocking by dozens of dedicated activists. 

The lesson is clear: campaigning works. We built up our vote day by day, week by week, by listening to voters on the doorstep and acting on their concerns.

We also launched some brilliant digital campaigning on social media.

I am so grateful to all our team, and to the people who donated time, money and skills to the campaign. Thank you! 

Just remember -- in 2018 we didn't come second even in our target ward. For decades, Westminster Council has been a Tory fortress where only Labour is the opposition. Not any more!

Now we have to gear up for the general election. 

We need more activists, more leafletting, more doorknocking, more digital campaigning.

That's where we need your help

We have great events coming up: Bill Browder on Monday, and then the historian Antony Beevor — stay tuned for details on that.

We will be building up our organization in other wards, and in the City of London. We will host more events, meet more voters, raise more concerns, campaign on our issues. 

We'll be holding the new Labour council leadership to account, as well as Boris Johnson's Conservative government. 

So please -- volunteer today. Donate your time, your money and your skills to our campaign.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

By the way below is a new video on Russia and Ukraine from my colleagues at New Debate. I hope you like it. 

Best regards, Edward 



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