Britain is facing the biggest cost-of-living squeeze since the war. Yet behind the scenes, huge quantities of dirty money flow through our legal and financial system: anonymous, unaccountable, all too often untaxed.


It’s so unfair. Law-abiding companies and people pay their taxes and obey the rules. Yet the loopholes in our system allow the worst people in the world — dictators and gangsters — to operate with impunity. They don’t just launder their fortunes in Britain. They launder their reputations. Our costly, unfair libel law deters scrutiny.


That’s why I went into politics. In September 2021 I was selected, by a huge majority, to be the candidate for the Liberal Democrats in the Cities of London and Westminster, one of the most winnable seats in the country.


Since then we’ve been campaigning hard. We got our best-ever result in the May local elections. We’ve recruited activists, raised money, and built a winning team. We are out every week door-knocking and leafletting.


But the energy crisis and other soaring prices make all this more urgent. Until we get to grips with anonymous, tax-dodging money we can’t help struggling households, or invest in the infrastructure we need for long-term prosperity and security.


We should be freezing, seizing and auctioning off the assets of gangsters and dictators and using the money for our own safety and welfare.


The Conservatives are far too dependent on dodgy donors to deal with this problem. The government has delayed and delayed. We need real change in Britain. That’s what I’m offering. 


Please help us win!