I've finally reached the point of no return. Democracy is in danger. We need to save it. I've tried journalism, writing books, thinktanks, punditry and advising governments. None of it has worked. We are being cheated and lied to at home. Our enemies are menacing abroad.

​That's why I'm turning to politics, trying to win this vital central London seat for the Liberal Democrats. You may have seen my writing — I'm a Times columnist, former senior editor at The Economist, and write a weekly column for CEPA). It was a comfortable niche. But we need action, not words. 

Please help me fight back against the merchants of sleaze who threaten our freedom and our safety. I need your time, your skills and (if you have any) your money.

The Conservatives can outspend us. But they can't out-argue us

Every week since I was selected as prospective candidate in September, I have been out on the doorstep, meeting voters and — the most important thing for politicians — listening. 

I need to hear your views, on local, national and international issues. Please get in touch today

For years I have tried to make a difference with my voice and the written word. In 2008 a book I wrote called "The New Cold War" helped wake up opinion in the West to the danger posed by Putin’s Kremlin. In 2012, "Deception: Spies, Lies and How Russia Dupes the West", did the same for what we now call “hybrid warfare”. China has also been part of my efforts.

But we’re losing. So instead standing on the sidelines urging politicians to do things, I’ve decided to get stuck in. My goal is simple:

Save democracy from

  • Dirty Money

  • Disinformation

  • Digital Manipulation

We in the UK, and especially London, take our institutions, freedom and rule of law for granted. That’s a mistake. They’re under threat. We need to defend them and waiting for tomorrow is no longer an option. In fact, we are already in trouble.

The central London constituency I have chosen exemplifies much of what is best and worst about the United Kingdom. It’s home to the beating heart of our democracy. It’s also home to the cesspit that poisons it.

The pinstriped traitors who launder money and reputations, corrode public trust and peddle influence in our politics, do not and should not have this much influence in the quality of our lives.

Will you stand up with me and fight back?